Levelling Up Grant Application Questionnaire

As part of the grant application we need to assess the impact of the Store and Post Office, and what would happen if it did not exist.  Please take a couple of minutes to fill in the form online here

Alternatively you can print it out and hand in at the shop or complete a hard copy at the shop

The grant is for up to £250,000 to help finance the building of a new shop at the village hall, and give us a permanent location. You can see the plans here.

Levelling up grant

Our shop has been selected to apply for a levelling up grant from the Community Ownership Fund of up to £250,000, which together with existing funds, fund raising through shares and loans and other grant opportunities will give us the resources we need to build a new shop.

This is a fantastic opportunity which, if successful, will mean that we can go ahead with the new shop building adjacent to the village hall.

In order to assist with our bid we need to demonstrate increased involvement with our community. Ways we can do this are by increasing the number of our volunteers, and increasing the number of shareholders in our store.

For information on volunteering call into the shop.

The share prospectus and application form is also available from the shop or you can download it from here. Shares start at only £10 and you can buy as many as you like.