Levelling Up Grant Application Questionnaire

As part of the grant application we need to assess the impact of the Store and Post Office, and what would happen if it did not exist.  Please take a couple of minutes to fill in the form online here

Alternatively you can print it out and hand in at the shop or complete a hard copy at the shop

The grant is for up to £250,000 to help finance the building of a new shop at the village hall, and give us a permanent location. You can see the plans here.

Store questionnaire

For many in the village our Community Store is a vital lifeline and an important connection with the world beyond your front door. It is a meeting place, communication centre, and an important part of village life.

Please take a moment to give us your feedback so that we may invest the knowledge back into the Store and give you, the community what you need and ensure a long-lasting successful village amenity. The questionnaire will be collected by the end of the first week in March, please drop off your completed form at the Store, or fill in and submit the online version available here.

Your data and contact information is safe guarded, your personal contact information will not be shared with others. We will only contact you if you share your contacts for the purpose of volunteering.