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Levelling up grant

Our shop has been selected to apply for a levelling up grant from the Community Ownership Fund of up to £250,000, which together with existing funds, fund raising through shares and loans and other grant opportunities will give us the resources we need to build a new shop.

This is a fantastic opportunity which, if successful, will mean that we can go ahead with the new shop building adjacent to the village hall.

In order to assist with our bid we need to demonstrate increased involvement with our community. Ways we can do this are by increasing the number of our volunteers, and increasing the number of shareholders in our store.

For information on volunteering call into the shop.

The share prospectus and application form is also available from the shop or you can download it from here. Shares start at only £10 and you can buy as many as you like.

Cake Raffle

NEW – monthly Cake Raffle last Thursday of the month. Tickets available from the shop at £1 each, with new tickets each month. Four chances to win. Prizes include a variety of bakes – cake, muffins, flapjacks, brownies, almond slice and more (with at least one gluten free bake). Funds raised to go toward equipment for the new premises in the Village Hall. Please support us in this and other fundraising events. Felsham and Gedding Community Store, run for the Village by the Village.

Store questionnaire

For many in the village our Community Store is a vital lifeline and an important connection with the world beyond your front door. It is a meeting place, communication centre, and an important part of village life.

Please take a moment to give us your feedback so that we may invest the knowledge back into the Store and give you, the community what you need and ensure a long-lasting successful village amenity. The questionnaire will be collected by the end of the first week in March, please drop off your completed form at the Store, or fill in and submit the online version available here.

Your data and contact information is safe guarded, your personal contact information will not be shared with others. We will only contact you if you share your contacts for the purpose of volunteering.